Sale Price of $.99 ONLY for 2 days !!!


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  1. I am a photo editing novice. Is there anyway that I can learn to master your UI?

    • Thanks for your comment about our Geometry UI.
      May I could you give some clue in order to understand our G’UI.

      1. Triangle of G’UI is based on CIE xy chroma which is RGB triangle.
      2. Circle of it is based on Color Wheels for the professional HD color grading – controlling hue, saturation & brightness.
      3. Rectangle is come from Curve which you could control the shadow-mid-highlight.

      Again, thank you for your interest about our products, TOUCHLOOK.
      At the moment, we are preparing to release new version of TOUCHLOOK, TOUCHLOOK 2.


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TOUCHLOOK , Dreaming of Chagall !!!

Photo-editing has finally been optimized for touchscreen practicality. Perfect your photos with the only photo-editing application built for touchscreens from the ground up. TOUCHLOOK for iOS revolutionizes the way users edit and enhance their personal photos by utilizing the unique capabilities of the iPad and the iPhone. This unique new UI is incredibly versatile and intuitive. Share your images via SNS, or save them to your device memory. Perform all of photo adjustments, including... Red, Green, Blue, Hue, Saturation, Lightness, Shadows, Mid Tone (Gamma), Highlight, and Vignette!

Experience the revolutionary new TOUCHLOOK interface, which has been optimized for photo-editing with Apple iOS. Easily save and share images via email, Twitter, and Facebook.

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