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APPBITE.COM – Edit Your Photos On The iPad2 With TOUCHLOOK HD

Editing photos should be fun. Almost as fun as taking them. I want to relieve the moment when I took the photo I’m editing, not twist and bend geometric shapes to bring the photo to life. TOUCHLOOK HD is definitely a step in the evolution of photo-editing software on the iPad. …


iPhoneGlance.COM – TOUCHLOOK HD For iPad 2, A Revolutionary Way to Edit Photos

Coupled with an amazing app like TouchLook HD your photo editing capabilities are limitless. Normally you would use sliders to adjust RGB (Red-Green-Blue) and HSL (Hue-Saturation-Lightness) values not with TouchLook HD, it places triangles, circles and rectangles on your photo to adjust these values. This might be a little bit of a task for some because sliders would be the most obvious way for adjustments. But I guess that’s where the uniqueness of the app is. …


TheiPhoneAppReview.COM – TOUCHLOOK HD: Intuitive Photo Editing From Your iPad.

Above all else, the real boon behind TouchLook HD is its simplicity. It takes only a few minutes to visually edit and enhance a photo from your iPad, making the app an incredibly simple too for the photo professional. Even the interface is streamlined, offering a cool, black box look that keeps the emphasis on the photos, rather than on the app itself. Overall, we haven’t got any complaints with the app’s layout or design: They’re both rock-solid, and offer a world of possibilities. …



At first thought, Touchlook HD seems very practical and useful to anyone taking pictures at a sporting event or wedding and needing to make some quick adjustments. In all, Touchlook HD is a sound photo editing tool and the moderate price of just $2.99 will certainly make this attractive to many. …



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Thanks So Much for Your Love !!!

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Sale Price of $.99 ONLY for 2 days !!!

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TOUCHLOOK HD version 1.1 ???

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For iPhone? Now on Appstore!

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NOW, Top Paid Photo App Ranking 23 !!!

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Top Paid ‘Photo’ Apps Ranking is… 35 !!!


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NOW, Ready for Sale !!!

TOUCHLOOK HD’s Appstore Link :    Click Here !!!


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TOUCHLOOK HD Screen Shot 5

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TOUCHLOOK HD Screen Shot 4

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TOUCHLOOK , Dreaming of Chagall !!!

Photo-editing has finally been optimized for touchscreen practicality. Perfect your photos with the only photo-editing application built for touchscreens from the ground up. TOUCHLOOK for iOS revolutionizes the way users edit and enhance their personal photos by utilizing the unique capabilities of the iPad and the iPhone. This unique new UI is incredibly versatile and intuitive. Share your images via SNS, or save them to your device memory. Perform all of photo adjustments, including... Red, Green, Blue, Hue, Saturation, Lightness, Shadows, Mid Tone (Gamma), Highlight, and Vignette!

Experience the revolutionary new TOUCHLOOK interface, which has been optimized for photo-editing with Apple iOS. Easily save and share images via email, Twitter, and Facebook.

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